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Tea-Dyed Scarf

I had a bleach white scarf, but I wanted a taupe colored one. I was online looking up fabric dyes when I remembered how I had turned a white ribbon more champagne colored—tea dying!

Of course I forgot to take pics of the process, but the steps are really easy!


Large pot



Fabric you want to dye (White turns taupe-y colored; to see what other colors would turn into, do a sample test first)


1) Boil a big pot of water with tons of black tea bags (I used 4-5 teabags) & let it cool a bit.

2) Dunk your fabric in the tea and let it soak for 20-30 minutes.

3) Rinse with water and enjoy your tea dyed fabric!

(Source: teadyedscarf)

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DIY iPhone Stylus

I get so frustrated at Draw Something (the game) when I can’t even make simple stick figures. I wanted to buy a stylus (the pen thingy for touch screen devices) but thought it would be better if I made one myself! I just googled “DIY Stylus” and this is the easiest tutorial I found using household items and it really works!! 



Pen (This has to be a pen where you can take out the ink cartridge like a ballpoint pen)

Aluminum Foil 




Take out the ink from the pen and cut the Qtip in half diagonally (so the end is pointy). Then push the Qtip into the pen and tape it together. 

Wrap a piece of aluminum foil around the pen.

Tape the aluminum foil so it doesn’t move. (Sorry if you can’t see the tape in the pic…I guess I shouldn’t take pics of transparent tape lol)

Put 1-2 drops of water on the Qtip and your stylus is ready! Make sure you’re holding onto the aluminum foil portion when using it. If it starts having problems, just add another few drops of water. 

Ta da! I’m drawing a cashier in the pic. What’s up awesome stick figure?


(Source: DIYStylus)

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Ramadan Mubarak!!

It’s that time of the year again! Ramadan Mubarak everyone!! 

I’m really excited to have this month for introspection, strengthening my faith, seek forgiveness, give more to charity, and trying to be a better person all together. And it’s pretty great that millions of people are doing the same! : )

 If you’re curious about how Muslims fast, why we fast, and in general, what Ramdan is, this website explains it pretty well, and references fasting in Christianity! 

Have a good one!

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DIY Cookie Cutters

To make the Chocolate Dipped Shortbread Teabag Cookies, I obviously didn’t have a teabag shaped cookie cutter (and cutting out each cookie would take forever) so, I just figured I would make my own! I tried finding things I could use and I had an Oprah “Aha!” moment—an aluminum coke can! It’s strong, holds its shape, and sharp enough to pop out perfect cookies!


- Aluminum Beverage Can (Coke/Sprite/Iced Tea etc.)

- Scissors

- Tape


1) Get an empty beverage can (in my case, an iced tea can) and cut off the top.

2) Next, cut vertically from the top to the bottom so that you can then cut the bottom of the can with ease. 

3) You should be left with a sheet of aluminum.

4) Cut a strip about 2-3 inches in width (it doesn’t have to be perfect). And fold it in half. Once folded, use a bone folder or a pen to really flatten it. Tape the top part of the strip so that you don’t slice yourself.

5) Cut out a template of the desired shape (a teabag shape in my case). Now comes the slightly difficult part: place the strip of metal along the circumfrence of your template and make bends where the template bends. It really helps if your template has sharp corners rather than slight bends and turns.

PS: my fingers aren’t diseased, I’ve got henna on them :)

4) In the end if the strip overlaps, tape it and you’re done! Ta da!!


- Please be careful and try not to slice yourself on the aluminum can

- This works best when you’re trying to create a shape that has sharp corners rather than a ton of curves (although you can still create a curvey cookie, it’ll just be harder)

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Chocolate Dipped Shortbread Teabag Cookies

I saw these adorable cookies on Pintrest and had to make them myself! Aren’t they super cute? And they taste pretty yummy!

Supplies (other than ingredients):

- Teabag Shaped Cookie Cutter (DIY tutorial)

- Straws

- String

- Printer, Paper, Clipart

- Parchment Paper (optional)

Teabag Cookies

First, I followed Ina Garten’s recipe for shortbread cookies to make the dough. The only difference is that instead of 1 cup of sugar, I added 2/3 cup because I don’t like super sweet desserts. 

After I had the dough rolled out, I used the cookie cutter that I made to cut out teabag shaped cookies and poked a hole in the top using a straw.

Bake them as directed on parchment paper and let them cool completely before dipping them in chocolate.

Teabag Tags

To make the teabag tags, print out mirror images of clipart (like vintage teapots) and fold them. Cut close to the image in the shape of a square.

Cut a bit of string (about 10 inches long) and tie the ends together in a knot. Add glue to the inside of the tag and sandwich the string between the tag. 

Place the end of the string through the hole at the top of the cookies until you’ve created a loop. Next, put the tag through the loop. 

Dipping Chocolate

For the chocolate, I put about 1 cup of semi-sweet chocolate chips in a cup (or any narrow container) and microwaved it in 30 second intervals, stirring frequently, until the chocolate was completely melted. 

Dip the cookies in the melted chocolate and let it cool.

(Please note that I didn’t add the tags till after I had dipped the chocolate which was a bad idea because the chocolate kept getting on my hands when I was trying to add the tags so basically, it’s better to add the tags before.) 

Once cool, enjoy! Yummers! 

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DIY Tinted Lip Balm

I love tinted lip balms! They’re hydrating, add color, yet still look natural!

I had reblogged a post about making Homemade Lip Balm, but I couldn’t find a reasonable amount of bees wax anywhere. So, I figured I could make an easier version of a tinted lip balm by melting an old lipstick and a cheap chapstick together! So easy! 

Here’s what you’ll need:

Container(s)- Mine is actually a bead organizer ($4 from Michaels)

Chapstick- Mine is the oldschool Lipsmacker! Remember those? ($2 from Walmart in Watermelon…smells delish!)

Lipstick- $2-8 (depending on which brand you choose) 


Oils- Mine is Burt’s Bees Naturally Ageless Intensive Repair Serum 

Take out the product from the lipstick and chapstick container and add oils to make the lip balm softer. I added Burts Bee’s serum because it’s 100% natural and is made with a blend of great oils for your skin (and lips!) like rose hip oil, jojoba oil, pomegranate oil etc. You can also use olive oil, vitamin E or any other natural oil. 

Either turn on a hairdryer to melt the chapstick and lipstick or (if the container is microwave safe), microwave it in 15-20 second intervals, stirring occasionally. Even though the color looks really intense, it won’t be on your lips. 

Melt, melt, melt.

Since it gets really messy, I transferred the melted concoction to a new container.

Let it cool for a few minutes and ta-da! Your very own tinted lip balm!

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Fabric Flower/Flower Push Pins

I finally have down time this summer!! Whoo hoo for finishing first year of law school and still having a full head of hair. No greys spotted yet. :D

Onto the project! I’m interning this summer in a pharmaceutical company’s legal department (SUCHHH an amaaazing opportunity!!) and my cubicle looks pretty empty. I wanted to make it prettier by adding these fabric flower pushpins! Obviously, you can stop before adding the pushpins to use your fabric flowers for other projects. They’re easy to make, but be patient—each one took me about 30-45 mins to make. 

Here’s what you’ll need:

- Synthetic Fabric (mine is 100% polyester): $1 from Joann

- Needle & Thread (matching color is preferred) $2 from Joann

- Pearl beads (make sure your needle is skinny enough to go through the beads) $1 from Michaels

- Superglue: $3

- Thumb tacks (not pictured): Previously bought ($2 from Walmart)

- Candle (not pictured): Previously bought ($3 from Walmart)

- Tweezers (not pictured) 

-Felt (Optional): $1 from Joann

TOTAL: $8 


Cut fabric into the shape of petals, in varying sizes. No need to be exact or hunt for a template. For a 1.5 inch flower, I had 6 petals each of the following lengths: .5 inch, 1 inch, 1.25 inch. For bigger flowers, make bigger petals. 

VERY carefully, hold a petal with a tweezer and bring it close to the flame of the candle. Immediately, you’ll see the edges will begin to melt and curl. Make sure all the edges (except the bottom) are melted (this will also prevent fraying). 

Do the same to all petals. Remember, patience! Don’t burn yourself : )

Start putting petals together, starting with the smaller ones and sewing them together. 

Add pearl beads in the middle and you’re done with the fabric flower part!

To add the pushpin in the back, either sew a piece of felt and then superglue the pushpin or superglue the pushpin directly onto the flower. I think adding felt makes it stick better. 

And voila! 

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